Published by cbartal on July 14, 2016

Adventures in Gerbil-Sitting

If you’ve ever had gerbils, then you know they can disappear quickly if you aren’t paying attention. I was in the middle of mowing the yard Wednesday afternoon when my daughter, who was gerbil-sitting, came racing out of the house waving her hands shouting, “Dad! Peaches escaped!” My first thought was, Why did my gerbil escape?

It turns out that Mira was using Peaches as bait to catch one of the babies running loose. We discovered Peaches had crawled up under the ledge of the cabinet in the bathroom. She was somewhere between the cabinet and the subfloor, digging furiously, and probably enjoying a vacation from her 6 children.

In the past I’ve had success catching gerbils with an empty gallon jug, cutting a hole in the side with a paper towel tube leading up to it, and lots of delicious-smelling bait. So I set up the trap, set the gerbil cage on the floor near the cabinet, and left Mira on guard duty so I could finish mowing. Meanwhile I was praying that Peaches would miss the joys of motherhood and reappear so that I wouldn’t have to cut out the bottom of the cabinet.

God answered my prayers because after mowing I returned to the bathroom to find Mira watching the cabinet intently and Peaches walking around on the bathroom floor as bold as brass. When I pointed this out, we quickly scooped up Peaches and returned her to her rightful place as ruler of the clan.

This jug is all that is left of our trap after Mira decided to make it into a resort for the gerbils. DSC_1257


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