Published by cbartal on July 27, 2016

One Week Old

I was kind of excited to discover one of our gerbil pups is black. This means that we will probably have some nutmeg pups in the future. In fact, I believe we have two agouti, one spotted agouti, one black, one nutmeg, and two spotted dark-eyed honeys that might be honey cream in this litter.

Published by cbartal on July 23, 2016

A Word of Caution

We had a bit of a shock this afternoon when Mira discovered one of the babies had a string of cotton wrapped tightly around its hind leg. I have used old cotton tee shirts for supplemental nesting material from time to time because it’s natural, and the gerbils like to chew it up. I will never use it when…

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Published by cbartal on July 22, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Peaches and Arthur welcomed their second litter early on Tuesday Morning (6/19/16). There are seven babies! Their skin has darkened somewhat from this first photo, and it appears that there are 3 darker colored babies and 4 lighter colored babies. I would love to see a black gerbil in this litter, however, the odds are…

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Published by cbartal on July 14, 2016

Adventures in Gerbil-Sitting

If you’ve ever had gerbils, then you know they can disappear quickly if you aren’t paying attention. I was in the middle of mowing the yard Wednesday afternoon when my daughter, who was gerbil-sitting, came racing out of the house waving her hands shouting, “Dad! Peaches escaped!” My first thought was, Why did my gerbil…

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