Published by cbartal on January 20, 2018

Down to 2

I currently have 1 honey cream male and 1 agouti female. They are both about 7 weeks old.

Published by cbartal on May 9, 2017

March Babies

It’s tough to get all these babies into one shot, but we finally did it! The honey cream male and DEH male are spoken for, but we have lots of females. I have black, black spotted, black pied, agouti spotted, and a nutmeg who all still need homes. 🙂

Published by cbartal on December 31, 2016

After Christmas Gerbils

We’re almost ready for our new homes. I have 1 black male born on October 24th, and 7 babies born on November 29th! This litter has 2 dark-eyed honeys, 1 honey cream (pied dark-eyed honey), 1 black, 1 black pied, 1 nutmeg and one agouti. Let me know if you’re interested.

Published by cbartal on August 7, 2016

Eyes Wide Open

Well, they had their eyes wide open for a little bit. All the pups are active for a few minutes and then they get very sleepy, except for the little nutmeg guy who already likes to dig. This little agouti is Watermelon, named by my two-year-old son. We think he named it Watermelon because it’s a…

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Published by cbartal on August 1, 2016

AGSgerbils Virtual Show

I submitted my photos for the virtual show in time for the July 30 deadline. I don’t know if you’ve ever photographed gerbils before, but they do not always cooperate in posing for portraits. I ended up taking something like 50 pictures before I got any decent ones, but the one of Arthur holding his…

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Published by cbartal on July 27, 2016

One Week Old

I was kind of excited to discover one of our gerbil pups is black. This means that we will probably have some nutmeg pups in the future. In fact, I believe we have two agouti, one spotted agouti, one black, one nutmeg, and two spotted dark-eyed honeys that might be honey cream in this litter.

Published by cbartal on July 23, 2016

A Word of Caution

We had a bit of a shock this afternoon when Mira discovered one of the babies had a string of cotton wrapped tightly around its hind leg. I have used old cotton tee shirts for supplemental nesting material from time to time because it’s natural, and the gerbils like to chew it up. I will never use it when…

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Published by cbartal on July 22, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Peaches and Arthur welcomed their second litter early on Tuesday Morning (6/19/16). There are seven babies! Their skin has darkened somewhat from this first photo, and it appears that there are 3 darker colored babies and 4 lighter colored babies. I would love to see a black gerbil in this litter, however, the odds are…

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Published by cbartal on July 14, 2016

Adventures in Gerbil-Sitting

If you’ve ever had gerbils, then you know they can disappear quickly if you aren’t paying attention. I was in the middle of mowing the yard Wednesday afternoon when my daughter, who was gerbil-sitting, came racing out of the house waving her hands shouting, “Dad! Peaches escaped!” My first thought was, Why did my gerbil…

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Published by cbartal on June 27, 2016

Welcome to Dry Creek Gerbils!

Dry Creek Gerbils started as a way to give my students (and my own children) a chance to observe gerbils firsthand and experience the excitement of having babies and watching them grow. Be sure to check out the pages on gerbil care and the biographies of the parents Arthur and Peaches. Feel free to contact…

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